Improve Child Literacy Skills with Early Start Speech Pathology

Did you know that often children with a speech sound disorder can have difficulty when it comes to their literacy development? Similarly, children with receptive or expressive language disorders can struggle with comprehension and deciphering texts.

Literacy skills are so important to a child’s sense of confidence and emotional wellbeing. Too often, kids can take a blow to their confidence in literacy which can be quickly followed by an effortful and disengaged approach to reading. At Early Start, we pride ourselves on creating confident, independent readers.

At Early Start Speech Pathology, we examine your child’s literacy skills in depth. We analyse their language skills, letter/sound knowledge, segmenting and blending skills, sight words and phonological awareness to ensure that we target all the areas to make them a confident reader. All our therapists undertake additional training and professional development in the area of literacy to make sure that they are across all the latest evidence and techniques. Our Speech Pathologists will work closely with the parents and school to ensure the best possible outcomes from therapy.

Literacy & Speech Pathology