I’ve just finished my weekly playgroup session with my son. My son loves going to playgroup. I’ll tell you a secret. I love going to playgroup. I probably love going to playgroup more than him. I get sad if I can’t attend for the week. Some friends I know haven’t had the best experience with […]

LEGO Social Club- Social Skills at Early Start

An interview with our amazing Lara about running our LEGO groups…. What do you love about running the LEGO group? I love that for our clients it is a fun holiday activity that appeals to their interests and does not seem like ‘therapy’ at all even though they are all working hard at using their social communication […]

Mad Scientists Group Social Program

An interview with the fabulous Tabitha about running the Mad Scientist group at Early Start Speech Pathology…. What do you love about running the Mad Scientist group? I think I love a couple of different things about this group. Firstly, I just love looking for experiments and cool activities to do in the group as […]

Telehealth at Early Start Speech Pathology

Telehealth; Making quality speech pathology services accessible for all. Early Start Speech Pathology are now offering Telehealth sessions for children in rural and remote communities. Research into Speech Pathology and Telehealth is a growing area and there is now a strong evidence base that providing speech pathology intervention via Telehealth can be as effective as […]

NDIS Service Bookings- The New NDIS Headache

Service Bookings- What are they and why are they important for your child’s NDIS funds?  There is a lot of talk at the moment in our office about Service Bookings. It is usually discussed with some frustration and annoyance, it’s usually said as “Argh, this Service Booking isn’t working!!”, or “there aren’t enough funds in […]

The Dummy Debate

To dummy or not to dummy….. That is the question. Using a dummy seems to have been added onto the “mummy guilt” list. So when is a dummy ok and when is it time to get rid of it? What are the pro’s and cons? Pro’s Sucking can have a soothing effect for babies. There […]

Teens Connect; A Social Development Program for Teenagers

Let’s face it, being a teenager can be hard! Especially for teens with social communication challenges. At Early Start Speech Pathology we created the Teen Connect Program as a safe place for teens to start to develop friendships and social skills in a small, but supported environment with kids who are not different, but the same […]

Autism- How does Speech Pathology help?

How does Speech Pathology help? There is common misconception that Speech Pathologists just work on speech and pronunciation. At Early Start Speech Pathology this is just the tip of the iceberg as to the clients we see and the areas that we work on. Often parents come to us with a recommendation from their Psychologist […]

Social Skill Groups- Who should run them?

Early Start Speech Pathology are known throughout Newcastle and the Hunter for creating and running innovative and evidence based group programs focusing on the teaching of social skills. Teaching social skills is a complicated business. There is a lot of thought, assessment and analysis that goes in to teaching social skills. Speech Pathologists are able […]

Headstart For Literacy

Get a head start on literacy for your preschool kids With Early Start Speech Pathology’s School Readiness Program in full swing, we’d like to share one of the areas that we will be focussing on to help get our little owls prepared for school and what you can do at home. Learning to read is […]

Books! Books! Books!

4 Activities (other than reading) to do with Books Here at Early Start Speech Pathology we love giving you tips on how to work on your child’s goals with activities that are already part of your routine as we know multi-tasking can make life easier. Today we are going to look at just how much […]

Home Work

Are you practising speech therapy the ‘right way’ at home? We promise we don’t give you speech homework to make you even busier! The Early Start Speech Pathology  team are bookworms at heart and regularly keep up to date with what the research has to say about the best ways to create successful communicators. For […]

Following Instructions

The easy way to support your child’s following instructions at home You may have noticed that a lot of our little owls are working on following directions, understanding instructions and knowing the meaning of words such as ‘next to’ and ‘behind’ with their Early Start Speech Pathology therapists. With a new school year starting your […]

You’re Kidding Me!

Early Start is very excited to be again affiliated with Lake Macquarie Council and their exceptional “You’re Kidding Me Program”. Early Start Speech Pathology will be offering FREE screening and FREE talks throughout the year.  Early Start Speech Pathology are proud to be servicing the wider community of Lake Macquarie through Lake Macquarie Council. For […]

Speech & Literacy

Speech & Literacy: What’s the Connection?

Did you know that many of the skills needed to become proficient readers and spellers begin with a child’s spoken language? Did you know that children who have speech sound disorders can often end up with literacy difficulties? If you think about it, it makes sense. Can’t say the sounds- can’t read the sounds. It […]

What is Evidence Based Practice?

Evidence Based Practice (EBP) is something we’ve all heard of, but what is it and what does it mean for my child? Let’s break it down. Levels of Evidence – Not all evidence is equal! As Speech Pathologists we base our therapy and practises on the best evidence available to us however not all evidence […]

Favourite Free Apps

Favourite FREE Apps to Support Language

A lot of our little Owls at Early Start Speech Pathology are motivated by the iPad so it’s great when you can combine something fun that is sneakily educational and works on their language goals at the same time! It is really important to play these games WITH your child so that you can support […]