Early Start Speech Pathology offers a range of social groups every school holidays. Early Start Speech Pathology’s groups are evidence based and run by qualified Speech Pathologists.
For full details about any of our groups, please click on one on the images below.
The groups are based around children’s interests such as Lego, Pokemon and movies. We are constantly developing our groups so our clients can keep benefiting from ongoing support during the school holidays.  Early Start Speech Pathology’s groups are a great way for the children to practice their skills they have learnt with their therapists during term in a safe, supportive environment.

If your child is not a current client of Early Start Speech Pathology but you would like them to attend a group, you will be required to have a free group screener session.

This is to ensure that we are able to meet your child’s individual needs and that we can group them with peers performing at a similar level.

The skills targeted in the groups are:

  • Turn taking
  • Listening and following instructions from a peer
  • Being part of a group
  • Expression of instructions
  • Play skills
  • Non verbal communication
  • Joining in conversation about shared interests
  • Making friends

Looking for something to do this school holiday? HOLIDAY HANG may just be the group for you. This is a new group to our  group program. The HOLIDAY HANG group will be a chilled-out group that focuses on all things social. Come and make some new friends, and play some games. This group is suitable for all ages and the children will be grouped according to their age and ability.

CODING FOR KIDS is a NEW group to Early Start Speech. Why coding you ask? Well, coding is like language. It’s giving the computer a set of instructions to follow. We need to be really clear in our communication to get the computer to do what we want, just like we need to be clear in our intentions and communications when it comes to our social world. We will be using the latest technologies in this group to keep the kids engaged. Lots of fun and 100% interests based. Come and CODE today!

ESCAPE ROOMS are the latest craze to hit our shores and we are sharing the fun at ESSP. Can you work as a team to crack the code? As the kids are busy figuring out the code to the ESCAPE ROOM, they won’t even realise that they are working on their communication, problem solving, negotiation, lateral and abstract thinking, reasoning and team skills. We are so excited by this new program and can’t wait to crack the code with our owls.

LEGO SOCIAL CLUB They say that copying is a form of flattery- if that’s the case there must be sooooo many speech and OT companies that think we’re great! Our ever-popular LEGO SOCIAL CLUB will be on again in the school holidays. Come and see why we’re the originals and the best. The kids will work as teams to build creations and will be given creation challenges. If your child is more of a LEGO builder that likes the instructions, we also have some fun team challenges to keep them engaged.

TEEN CONNECT is a great group for our teens to get together and connect about the real issues that are happening in their lives. Our speech pathologists work with them to build their social communication skills and social awareness. We love hearing the laughter coming from the teen group!

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Due to Covid-19 Restrictions, unfortunately no groups have been planned for Term 2 or the next school holidays.

Email us your interest however and we will place you on our waiting list for when we commence our highly popular groups again!

HOLIDAY HANG– 2 day, 2 hour session program, children to attend both days; Open to all ages, children will grouped according to age and ability

CODING FOR KIDS– single 2 hours sessions, available over 4 different days. Ages 7+

ESCAPE ROOM– Single 2-hour sessions; 2 programs available age 6+ and ages 10+

LEGO SOCIAL CLUB– 2 day program, 2 hours per session, children to attend both sessions

TEEN HANG After school, weekly sessions, 13+.