“My daughter seems to have selective hearing.  She only seems to be able to follow instructions if she wants to. If she’s distracted or doing something else, she just doesn’t listen to me – or she’ll do one thing that I ask and not the rest.  Her teacher has noticed that she’s struggling following instructions in the classroom too.”

“My son is difficult to understand sometimes.  I can understand him but other people struggle.  It’s like he gets all his words mixed up in his sentence.”

Both of these scenarios are suggestive of a language delay or disorder.  When examining language, we break it up into receptive language (understanding, following directions) and expressive language (talking in sentences).  A child can have a language delay or disorder in either receptive or expressive or both.

Early Start Speech Pathologists in Newcastle use a standardised assessment to examine your child’s language skill in depth.  Therapy is then individually tailored based on your child’s needs.  Therapy at Early start is always based on evidence and is fun and functional.  We aim to look at all areas of their life (social and academic) and how therapy can make the biggest impact for them.