SPOT PLAY! An Interview with Speech Pathologist, Lara DiCicco

Lara DiciccoLara, you have run the SPOT Play groups for the last term with Chloe from Ability Focus OT, how have you found it?

I’ve really enjoyed it! It’s been great to work together with a wonderful therapist and use a multidisciplinary approach with the children. Double the intervention for the price of one! Also, the group being play-based is a fantastic way of providing therapy to this young age group without them even realizing they are receiving intervention.

What are you enjoying most about the groups?

That we can address speech pathology and occupational therapy goals in such a fun, interactive way! We have a different theme each week and different activities to match which keeps things interesting. I love how much the children enjoy coming and how their engagement and confidence increases during each group.


What do you think the children get out of the groups?

I think that it’s an opportunity for our children to develop their language, sensory input, and motor skills in a well supported environment. It also allows them to practise their social skills and interactions in a smaller, non-overwhelming environment. This is such a crucial age of learning and development, and by targeting these areas early we are contributing to their future school readiness.


Any tips or tricks that parents can use at home when working on language development for the preschool years?

Play is a child’s work! See what sort of toys and activities your child is interested in and follow their lead. They will be more willing to use their language if you are talking about something they’re interested in. Describe what both of you are doing in play (E.g. “My car crashed!”) and expand on what your child says in order to show them how to use their words in longer sentences (E.g. Child: “red train”, Adult: “red train’s going fast!”).
Books are also a fantastic tool for building your child’s language – you don’t have to read the words, start by pointing out and describing pictures, making animal noises, sing songs, and ask basic who/what/where questions.






Give us a call today if you are interested in finding more about the SPOT PLAY! Program and enrolling your child, 49555415.