Favourite FREE Apps to Support Language

A lot of our little Owls at Early Start Speech Pathology are motivated by the iPad so it’s great when you can combine something fun that is sneakily educational and works on their language goals at the same time! It is really important to play these games WITH your child so that you can support their language (versus letting them play by themselves).

  1. Forest Flyer by Sago Mini: Help the bird discover surprises and delights in his forest as he flies around. Be sure to ask lots of ‘where’ and ‘what is he doing’ questions as your child can really practice expanding their vocabulary. I like to encourage complete sentences ‘The bird is splashing in the pond’ and have a lot of back and forth interaction by asking the child to predict and guess what might happen. I love the unexpected laughs that it brings! Engaging for pre-schoolers, adored by my students typically up to Year 3.
  1. Bamba Burger: This is a favourite app to prepare my students on how to ask and answer questions in different settings (canteen, the shops etc.). This is not your typical burger shop and there are so many funny, gross and yummy things you can make that it gets a lot of laughter! I love role-swapping between customer and burger chef and practising how to ask and answer questions every day, functional questions. I might pretend that I need some ‘help’ in my burger shop so that the child has to ask me things like ‘Can I slice the bread?’. Both my primary and high schoolers like this app.
  1. Story Maker free: Make thousands of stories by adding pictures to a background scene… perfect for our creative Owls. You can make it simple with just a few pictures or keep adding more and more and with the option to add text, you can even write on your picture and practice their writing skills. With lots of different categories (places, people, clothes, food, animals, weather, transport, things), this is great for turn-taking and practising how to tell a story, especially if you create problems that your child has to solve. If stories are too hard for your child, then just stick to making Who? – What are they doing? – Where? sentences or Who? – What are they doing? With what?  Great for ages 4+ years.

At Early Start Speech Pathology we feel that we have a natural knack for integrating your child’s goals into fun and motivating activities such as the iPad. Let us know if you have an app that we could help you think of ideas for home practice targets.