Hannah Parker



“Don’t grow up, it’s a trap.”

Hannah is notoriously known to be that therapist who is last to leave the office. That is, because she is working so hard at creating the right programs and goals for her clients that she forgets what time it is (It has gotten much better trust us).

Hannah graduated from Newcastle University and grew up in Newcastle. We love hearing the antics her cheeky puppy gets up to when Hannah is at work.

Hannah’s interests include early language development and stimulating the language in children of preschool ages. Hannah also loves working with our not yet verbal clients and using other modes of communication to elicit communication and language. Hannah always has a bundle of new games and books she has bought to try with her clients or provide us input with creating our fun social skills clubs. We can always hear laughter in Hannah’s sessions.

Hannah is about to leave us for 12 months at the end of 2018 to have her first bubba, Due Feb 2019, but don’t worry she will be back!

Hannah will be joining the Early Start boy’s club with her first born being a boy! Watch this space for photos.