Amy Pollitt



Amy is one of the Directors and owners of Early Start Speech Pathology. Amy graduated from the University of Newcastle in 2009. Her speech pathology career began in Sydney, working with internationally renowned Clinical Psychologist, Dr Anne Chalfant. Amy saw a range of children with all abilities at this practice. Amy worked with children with speech sound disorders, literacy delays and Autism Spectrum Disorder. This ignited Amy’s passion working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Amy returned to Newcastle in 2011 and began working alongside Dr Lee Sturgeon, Clinical Psychologist, to start her own private practice.

Amy has remained in the private practice setting throughout her career, as it has allowed to her to continue working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Amy and Michelle came together in 2013 at Early Start and created a wonderful private practice that was founded in respect. Prior to becoming a speech pathologist, Amy was a professional actor and trained at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts. A highlight in Amy’s career was presenting at the 2017 Asia Pacific Autism Conference about teaching Movie Making skills to children with Autism.

Amy has a passion for working with children with Autism and has undertaken extensive additional training and professional development in this area, including but not limited to, several Social Thinking workshops with Michelle Garcia Winner, LAMP Words for Life, Making Up Lost Time in Literacy Practitioner Training and DIR Floortime.  Amy has also attended workshops and additional training in the areas of Childhood Apraxia of Speech, Phonological Disorders and Fluency. Amy has a special interest in working with minimally verbal children and helping them find their voice through the use of different high tech and low tech devices.

Amy has been working with the Newcastle Business Centre over the last year, presenting on how to navigate the NDIS when working in private practice. Amy has also presented to many schools across the Lake Macquarie and Hunter Region about School Readiness from a speech and language perspective. Amy is a regular presenter for the Lake Macquarie Council, “You’re Kidding Me” programs and has presented topics such as “Babbling Babies”, “ASD and Visuals”, “Developing Language at Home”. Amy has also presented at the Breast-Feeding Association about early speech and language development.